Septic Tank and Treatment Plant Servicing

Vortex Treatment Plant
A Vortex treatment plant needing a service and de-sludge.

Septic tanks and package sewage treatment plants (PSTP’s) servicing should to be done regularly and in accordance with the manufacturers guidance.

The manufacturer (Klargester, WTE – Vortex, Matrix Clenviro, Marsh, Entec, Conder etc) will have a recommend service interval. Usually at least every 12 months for a domestic property and for some commercial installations as frequently as every 3 months.

The reason why treatment plants need servicing is because not all the solid matter that goes through the tank is broken down by the bacteria and bugs. Over time this forms a sludge that builds up in the bottom of the tank. This reduces the capacity of the tank and the time that the waste water spends in the treatment plant or septic tank. This reduces the quality of the discharged wastewater and could cause pollution of the watercourse or reduce the lifetime of a drainage field.

There are a variety of treatment plants on the market some have air blowers to provide the biomass with air, others use a submersible pump that draws air in through the pipework and others use a more mechanical means i.e. a motor that drives a rotating disc. Whatever system you have installed we can provide you a service plan that meets your needs and schedule with a tank emptier to unsure the treatment plant is emptied as planned. Providing you with a service report on completion.

Any necessary repairs will be noted on the report. We can provide a written quotation so the costs are known before any works are done.

How we can help?

Contact us on  01772 846193 / 07968 143756 or fill in the contact form if you have any wastewater queries or require advice. We can advise on the installation of new systems and carry out maintenance work on your drains, drainage field, pump chamber, septic tank or package sewage treatment plant.