Wastewater Services

Tekneka Ltd provide wastewater services for treatment plants and submersible pump chambers ensuring they are correctly installed, serviced and maintained.

CommissioningCommissioning. If you require a submersible pump chamber or wastewater treatment plant commissioning. We can ensure that your equipment and system is fit for purpose and meets the necessary regulations. Issuing a written commissioning certificate and service plan as necessary.
Waste water Services - ServicingServicing. We provide planned and reactive servicing of submersible pumps, air blowers, pump chambers and wastewater treatment plants. We ensure you have efficiently maintained systems. As a result, planned regular servicing improves reliability, lifetime of equipment and helps limit unscheduled downtime as well as reducing energy consumption and costs. We can tailor a service plan to suit your specific needs. We provide you with a service report after each visit.
Waste water Services - RepairsRepairs and replacements. We operate and provide a fully comprehensive, honest and dependable pump repair and replacement service. As skilled engineers we are on hand to care for your planned and reactive maintenance. We are have the flexibility to respond to your requirements quickly and efficiently. Detailed reports will be provided on all works carried out.
Waste water Services - Remote MonitoringRemote Monitoring. A variety of aspects of a submersible pump chamber or wastewater treatment plant can be monitored remotely, from the power usage of pumps, power failures, high alarms being triggered. Monitoring can provide an early warning of a possible future failure or problem, allowing a service engineer to get to site to resolve a problem before it develops into a major problem. Depending on the remoteness of the installation this can be done either using mobile phone technology or connecting to WIFI networks. Prior to any installation we provide a breakdown of costings so you can make an informed decision on the sensors, access points etc that are best suited for your requirements.
Waste water Services - Inspections and ReportsInspections and Reports. We can provide you an inspection report on your submersible pump chamber, treatment plant or septic tank. This maybe necessary for a variety of reasons but typically when the owner of a property or a future buyer needs to know i.e. if the wastewater treatment systems meets the Environment Agencies general binding rules or determining the condition of the system and costing implications of any repairs / upgrades.

Do you some advice, your wastewater tank or pump chamber servicing – we can help?

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We can advise on the installation of new systems and carry out maintenance work on your drains, drainage field, pump chamber, septic tank or package sewage treatment plant.